Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween BOO Class

A wonderful small group of my students hard at work building the BOO Banner in wooden blocks.  My dear friend, Melissa Rodgers - formerly of Pagosa Springs - very kindly agreed to prepare 10 packets to allow me to teach this adorable tabletop decoration many miles away from her.  Her staff at her great store, REMEMBER THIS REMEMBER THAT, in Gardner, Kansas helped her die cut some interesting pieces to make this special BOO for us.  Melissa had posted the BOO, which she had created for an event and also a class she has now taught in her store.  I saw this post on her website, and her other site on The next day I emailed her and told her that we needed to talk.  The rest is history as they say!!  Thank you again Melissa and please thank your gals who helped make this possible.                                                                                                                                          
That is me in the apron hoping that I do not get "glue" on me.  Sitting by my right arm is my 89 year old Mother, Margaret.  Love having your wit with us Mom.  We are always at a great age to do crafts!!  You do better than so many people at this age and I love the fact that you want to be here for class.  Even if you have to leave early to get your hair done.  We do have priorities and that is important!!

YES....we are in my garage because I wanted all of us to be able to spread out. Not a pretty backdrop for the pictures but functional. As the morning went on, we opened the garage door and it was a gorgeous Fall day.  How lucky we were to enjoy it all.
This is my special friend, Frances.  We should ALL have a "Frances" in our life.  Thank you dear friend for assisting in the crucial "embossing stage" of the BOO.  I think my mat got more embossing powder embedded in it than the BOO's did.  Not your doing my friend!!  The pieces which were embossed in black powder were done as die cuts not stamped first as the group was used to doing when embossing.  Nice to be able to show them a different process.  It took time but the end result was so worth the time spent.  We added the witch flying on her broom in one of the "O's"; the witch hat hanging on the fence; and the black cat on the fence.  Cute additions but not totally necessary to Melissa's original design.
Barb, in the pink, always finishes her cards or whatever we are doing FIRST!  Makes others nervous!!  Don't be nervous ladies.  Barb has been at this for a long time.  She was a great help in assisting those by her....thank you Barb.  The gal in the light purple top is Vicki.  I am so proud of the work that you did that day and also each time that you come to your Saturday classes with me.  You have come a long way since your first classes.  Your confidence shows and so does your end product.  Great JOB Vicki!!!
My girlfriend of 42 years, Betty (in the white sweater), was visiting and got to participate in this crazy "BOO CAPER".  She attends my card classes when she and her husband are with us each year.  We also spend some time making some special cards that she needs.  Betty used to come, 40 years ago, to classes that I was involved in teaching in New Orleans.  It was and is always like "old times" when we get to spend time like this.  Beautiful project, Betty!!!  Thanks also for helping Mother with her BOO.

Good picture of your BOO, Barb.  Never did get a picture of you with your eyes open.  Barb and a few others put their middle fence down and realized that their pumpkin was not down first.  Still looks cute no matter how it got down on your banner.  Always....your cards or projects are extremely well done!

Love your BOO, Muriel.  Thank you for letting us borrow your chairs. I do not think that we could have stood up doing this one.  I think that I will vote you "The Most Improved".  Well DONE!!  I should have had a picture of Vicki with her BOO.  You both may have tied for that honor.

I know that you had fun, Dinah.  It was so obvious.  So glad that you were able to join us.  Good JOB!!
I am always impressed with your end product.  Especially because we do not always have the pleasure of your presence in the class.  Busy Lady!!

What a great time you had, Miss Penny!  I see your pumpkin got put outside its fence as well.  Don't feel bad for a misdirected pumpkin folks.....this cute lady spends part of her time in Pagosa Springs and the rest of her time in St. Croix.  We miss her when she is not here.  So, for someone who has not done that many things with me....WOW!!

My special friend, Betty, holding her beautiful BOO!  I thank all of the ladies who placed their faith in me to be able to walk them through their process.  At times, I am sure, you felt like you were walking blindly through it but you know....each of your BOO's are uniquely yours and that is the way I like your cards or things that you make in my classes to be.  GREAT JOB LADIES!!  See you on Tuesday or Saturday.

P. S.  Thank you Frances and to your wonderful husband, Sam, for the use of your tables.  We interrupted Sam's day twice with the tables being transported.   I also have to thank my husband for putting up with my HOBBY.  You are a GEM!!

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