Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cards Created for Classes on 3/19/13

This card (using Flower soft in a simple format) and the next three were prepared for my afternoon Class of ladies.  

The white lace is not actually lace.  It is a stamp  (from Gina K Designs) that has been stamped in white pigment ink, embossed with white embossing powder and then heat set.  I love this set of lace stamps.  When you do not have lace make your own!!  The gems were colored to match using a copic marker on the clear gems.

Want to get together with these three and BRING ON THE WINE??!!   Love these ladies.  They are created from Bugaboo Digi Stamps.  I met this threesome when I was on one of my fellow TWO PAPER DIVAS (Tracie) Blog the other day.  I decided the gals in my class had to meet them.  There are several designs and just fun for a change from the serious side of cards.

The card has been accomplished using an embossing folder; gold embossed outline flower and sentiment.  The white lace look is actually a cut up piece of a dollie.  Nice to use scraps!!

These next four cards were created for my ladies who like the simplicity of cards.  Saves me from hearing that the card is toooo hard!
Love this checkered pop on the tree.  It is a Pebbles design element and it was a gift to me from my Mother for my Birthday.  She gave me a bag full of goodies which were purchased from my friend, Melissa Rodgers, store "Remember This Remember That" when she brought her store to Pagosa Springs.  Remember May 1, 2013, these sweet items will be able to be purchased in Pagosa's very own tiny shop, "Remember This".  I made the ribbons on this card because my sweet group of ladies tell me that they are bow challenged!!  Thanks Melissa for bringing this paper....too sweet!!  A fun purchase.

Just a fun Birthday card and very simple for the gals to have fun with.  Love the die.  Once again I used Glue n' Seal, my relatively new favorite, to attach it to the card.  I die cut two different papers (white and the teal) to produce this concept.  Now I can make a white with a teal center, which I saved. I chose the balloons (some shiny balloons) and gave different choices to the gals of cakes, hats, etc. It is fun to have choices in life.

The last card is so simple but some times they are the best.  I saw a video that Julie Ebersole with Ellen had created recently and decided that I needed to make one.  I have a small cloud punch but cut out clouds could be used.  The sequins are fun on this basic design.  See ya next time!!!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cards from my Classes week of 3/12/13

Loved some of the techniques that I had found through many sources (including my brain) and decided that my students needed to learn some of these.  When I have the time, I may come back to this posting and give some more information on the techniques/ products used here.  Enjoy!!  Now back to creating for this week's classes.......

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New Store Coming to Pagosa Springs

Melissa and Tim Rodgers, of Kansas,  proudly present "Remember This Remember That"  store opening on May 1, 2013 in Pagosa Springs, CO.  Yes, there is excitement in the air and soon I will gain back my Laundry Room wall for my personal Card Making Supplies (overflow)......All of the supplies for sale pictured in the last post will be boxed up and moved to their new HOME unless I sell it before hand!

Melissa and Rene (her trusty Manager of the Gardner, Ks. store) will join me to set up the Pagosa Branch of her store.  It will be fun to finally meet Rene, a very talented designer/paper crafter.  We are so fortunate to have met Carol, the owner of "The Artist Within", and because of a joint interest,  RTRT (Remember This Remember That) will become a Paper Crafting Store within her space.  We will be "tiny" but we will be "mighty" and we will listen to the needs of the Pagosa Paper Crafters and attempt to supply them with product and knowledge.  Operative word will be "attempt".

Melissa and I are burning up the email wires with pre-plans for RTRT - Pagosa.  What is really special is once again I will be working (as Manager of the Pagosa Springs store) with my friend and BOSS, Melissa Rodgers.  It cannot get any better than this and I thank her and Tim for this opportunity once again to be a part of this new adventure.  Stay tuned for updates regarding the NEW STORE and pictures will follow as the store takes on its development.  Boxes will begin arriving this week.....not sure if I can not "snoop" and see what goodies Melissa is picking out for the store.  I might have to take a picture if I "peek"!!!  Wanna See......

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Temporary Store in Pagosa

This truly is a labor of love.  Had to remove all of my card making overflow out of this Laundry Room and HERE LIES WHAT WE CALL...."The Laundry Room - Remember This Remember That" store until I have to pack it all up..........Tune into the next Post for where it is going!!!!  YEA!!!

Closer look at the STUFF for Sale!!


Melissa Teaching My Group of Ladies in Pagosa

Melissa Rodger's special card class day finally arrived at Carryn's Home.  Roger escaped long before the ladies arrived.  We were set for 16 plus Melissa to teach two special cards.  Thank you once again to the ladies in Gardner, Ks. at Melissa's store, Remember This Remember That for prepping for our FUN!  Unfortunately, the picture taker (me) did not get everyone in the shots....I think that I was having too much fun trying to sell Melissa's products which were now in my Kitchen and down the back hallway.  
                                                                           The ladies completed two cards and they moved
between the two tables to work on each card.  Everything that they needed was in the middle of each table.  When both of the tables were full of these talented card makers, they seemed to be in competition with each other and hogging some of the  products to make their cards.  New friendships were made and they went home with two lovely Greeting cards.  Such a wonderful smile on Kim's face (Nubee)!!  I think that she is saying, "I do not have a clue what I am doing".  She is Melissa's sister-in-law but I think that she came willingly.

We are towards the end of the two hours of craziness and here is our dear friend, Hope, who I discovered was still at home and just out of the shower when I called her 20 minutes after we were into the process.  Love you Hope!!  She came and finished her cards.  Then there is a little back story about where were Barb and Judy.....they showed up for a 1:00 pm class after everyone had left....oop's!!  They have now joined the ladies who originally purchased the KIT for me to teach.

Now this is our token male figure in all of this female world on that day.....This is Tim Rodgers, Melissa's husband!  I believe Hope was telling all of us a story and Tim had just had a piece of the fabulous dessert.  Thank you again to Sue who had supplied this special dessert.  Bad photographer did not even get a picture of it.
Think I will fire her!! is over!!  Had to get one last picture of Kim, Melissa and Tim (L to R).  That is a wreath behind Melissa's head....not her hair gone wild.  But check out the two items under Tim's arm.  They came with a vehicle loaded down and went home with the things in the two plastic containers.  My next posting will show what happen to the products that did not sell.  M and T drove all night back to Kansas.  I cannot totally finish this posting without saying Thank You to Melissa and Tim for all the effort to make these two events possible.  Love you BOTH!!  I end this with another PHEW!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Melissa Rodgers Mini Store for a Day in Pagosa

Remember This Remember That "mini store" in Pagosa Springs, Co. on March 2, 2013.  Shoppers grabbing Paper Crafting Products that they just had to have.  Thanks Lorrie for turning around for the picture.  

Melissa Rodgers enjoying seeing Judy after all these years.  Thanks Judy for coming down to SHOP!!

Lorrie, Vicki and Penny getting in line to check out. It is obvious they found some things that they needed with those smiles!!  Thank you Ladies!!

SHOP, SHOP, SHOP....until you drop ladies!!!
Frances in the background helping a customer with her questions.  Marilyn in the foreground doing her Make n' Take.

Carryn pretending to help Marilyn for the picture.  The Ladies enjoyed doing their Make n' Take
card for $1.

It took two of us to help Lana do her Make n' Take
JUST KIDDING!!  Great Job Lana!!  Did the picture taker have too much wine?

So proud of myself for helping Marilyn.....HA!  I think your new friend beside you, Marilyn, was proud of what you had even look satisfied.

Melissa and her wonderful Sister-in-Law, Kim.  Kim had the important JOB of checking everyone out with some assistance from Melissa.

Melissa with Kellie Stevens after a few years!!  Thanks again Kellie to you, Todd and Cathy for all you did to make this event possible.

Frances, Melissa and Carryn....we three look a little tired.

Working together again after a lot of years!!  Loved it Melissa.  Was such a wonderful afternoon with all the ladies who came to shop.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Melissa and Tim Rodgers are Coming to Pagosa!! YEA!!

Along through my BLOG, I have made reference to my wonderful friend, Melissa, from Kansas.  When I found out that she was coming to Pagosa Springs to visit her Brother and his Wife, I decided Melissa needed to LOAD up her vehicle with her Paper Crafting store, Remember This Remember That, and come have a "mini" store for part of a day.  So, as I am writing this, Melissa and her husband, Tim, are probably doing just that!!!  On Saturday afternoon, friends who have known them will come and visit along with people who just need crafting products.  This wonderful little town is currently void of product. :(  It should be a delightful few days.  Next Tuesday, Melissa will be sharing with 17 of us her fabulous talent of paper crafting.  I will post pictures from all of these events after they have happen......WOW....I cannot wait!!!

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Some of the Cards Taught in Feb. 2013

          My Favorite......

  Washi Tape!     

Is the chevron tape on straight? ......It is what it is!!! 
Remember it is Homemade!!!!  

Okay....I shamed myself and put on a new strip of chevron Washi Tape (remodeled card not pictured)                                             

              SHAKER CARD  -  Washi Tape    around the edges to seal in the sequins and goodies.

This card went to Lana for her Birthday.  We have a joint Birthday Celebration with Frances each year....pretty special time!!

More Fun with Punches

Love, Love, Love this Butterfly!!!

Stamp from the Anna Griffin "Signature Stamp Series" - 18th Century Garden.  Found this beautiful Stamp Series on MSN one night late.

Stampin' Up Textured Impressions Embossing Folder.

Large Scallop Edgelit by Stampin' Up.                                                                                                                                                
Tiered Dress Card

                       Shaker Card

Another Masculine Birthday Card

                     A "tiny"  pear card !!                                      


Easter Card created with two sided 12 x 12    Easter paper

Love this graphic stamp.  Looks like the flowers are growing on it.

I love this saying and decided to create it on the computer, which I often will do if I cannot find a sentiment in my "stash".  While creating the saying, I then decided to do a border on the computer as well.  That left the fun part of embossing the yellow present for the students and using a fun punch to create the right side border.

Paper Pads (6 x 6 size) are already
coordinated and ready to be
Die Cut, Crimped and Cut to Size. 

When I found this paper by BasicGrey - Soleil Series,  I immediately thought about cutting out some of the design to create this card.  I also loved the flowers which were designed to go with this paper.

This card was created because of showing my students how to use a corner punch to actually punch along this design in a straight line.  We also have lots of SNOW outside right now!!!  I also used Glossy Accents on the pink coloring on the ears and the nose on the "jumping" bunnies.

Love this sweet springy card with the trellis and the stamp from Stampin' Up representing New Life!

One of my favorite things to do is to work with Color Me Paper from Paper

     Another basic Masculine Birthday Card.

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