Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Melissa Teaching My Group of Ladies in Pagosa

Melissa Rodger's special card class day finally arrived at Carryn's Home.  Roger escaped long before the ladies arrived.  We were set for 16 plus Melissa to teach two special cards.  Thank you once again to the ladies in Gardner, Ks. at Melissa's store, Remember This Remember That for prepping for our FUN!  Unfortunately, the picture taker (me) did not get everyone in the shots....I think that I was having too much fun trying to sell Melissa's products which were now in my Kitchen and down the back hallway.  
                                                                           The ladies completed two cards and they moved
between the two tables to work on each card.  Everything that they needed was in the middle of each table.  When both of the tables were full of these talented card makers, they seemed to be in competition with each other and hogging some of the  products to make their cards.  New friendships were made and they went home with two lovely Greeting cards.  Such a wonderful smile on Kim's face (Nubee)!!  I think that she is saying, "I do not have a clue what I am doing".  She is Melissa's sister-in-law but I think that she came willingly.

We are towards the end of the two hours of craziness and here is our dear friend, Hope, who I discovered was still at home and just out of the shower when I called her 20 minutes after we were into the process.  Love you Hope!!  She came and finished her cards.  Then there is a little back story about where were Barb and Judy.....they showed up for a 1:00 pm class after everyone had left....oop's!!  They have now joined the ladies who originally purchased the KIT for me to teach.

Now this is our token male figure in all of this female world on that day.....This is Tim Rodgers, Melissa's husband!  I believe Hope was telling all of us a story and Tim had just had a piece of the fabulous dessert.  Thank you again to Sue who had supplied this special dessert.  Bad photographer did not even get a picture of it.
Think I will fire her!!
Phew.....it is over!!  Had to get one last picture of Kim, Melissa and Tim (L to R).  That is a wreath behind Melissa's head....not her hair gone wild.  But check out the two items under Tim's arm.  They came with a vehicle loaded down and went home with the things in the two plastic containers.  My next posting will show what happen to the products that did not sell.  M and T drove all night back to Kansas.  I cannot totally finish this posting without saying Thank You to Melissa and Tim for all the effort to make these two events possible.  Love you BOTH!!  I end this with another PHEW!!!

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