Sunday, March 3, 2013

Melissa Rodgers Mini Store for a Day in Pagosa

Remember This Remember That "mini store" in Pagosa Springs, Co. on March 2, 2013.  Shoppers grabbing Paper Crafting Products that they just had to have.  Thanks Lorrie for turning around for the picture.  

Melissa Rodgers enjoying seeing Judy after all these years.  Thanks Judy for coming down to SHOP!!

Lorrie, Vicki and Penny getting in line to check out. It is obvious they found some things that they needed with those smiles!!  Thank you Ladies!!

SHOP, SHOP, SHOP....until you drop ladies!!!
Frances in the background helping a customer with her questions.  Marilyn in the foreground doing her Make n' Take.

Carryn pretending to help Marilyn for the picture.  The Ladies enjoyed doing their Make n' Take
card for $1.

It took two of us to help Lana do her Make n' Take
JUST KIDDING!!  Great Job Lana!!  Did the picture taker have too much wine?

So proud of myself for helping Marilyn.....HA!  I think your new friend beside you, Marilyn, was proud of what you had even look satisfied.

Melissa and her wonderful Sister-in-Law, Kim.  Kim had the important JOB of checking everyone out with some assistance from Melissa.

Melissa with Kellie Stevens after a few years!!  Thanks again Kellie to you, Todd and Cathy for all you did to make this event possible.

Frances, Melissa and Carryn....we three look a little tired.

Working together again after a lot of years!!  Loved it Melissa.  Was such a wonderful afternoon with all the ladies who came to shop.

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