Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Well here I am having issues with my computer and how to maneuver around in this system.  I am not working in Windows but in Lynx (sp?) and things are just not familiar.   I have created so many cards since my last posting, which my wonderful friend Melissa helped me with.  My big problem......she is in Kansas and I am here in Colorado.

My weekly Card Class ladies have been having fun, they say, with making cards for the last couple of weeks but I just cannot figure out how to get pictures onto this Blog program.  Obviously, I used to do it when I was on my old Windows system.  Hey, I could even get my Watermark onto my cards which I needed when I DESIGNED the cards for TWO PAPER DIVAS!  I think Melissa and Gayla are going to fire this Diva!!!

Yesterday I had an awesome day.  I taught my AM ladies their cards and then in the afternoon Roger and I had lunch with some friends from our old neighborhood back in the early 70's in our New Orleans days.  Notice I said "old neighborhood" not "old friends" .... Ha!  They found out that they were actually just literally down the road from us the day before .... we talked ..... they drove up ... just 30 miles .... we had lunch .... and then we took them on a trip to one of our favorite spots .... Williams Reservoir .... and had a delightful short time seeing that beautiful tranquil site ... and visiting about wonderful times when we were neighbors all those years ago.  Thank you Glinda and Tom for letting us know that you were in our part of the world.  Hugs!!!

Well today it is time to gather some more plants and get ready to plant some pots.  The weather is perfect in our lovely little town.  We do not plant around here until it is close to mid June because it can still get a little chilly until this timing.  We still have a small amount of snow in these beautiful San Juan mountains which we delightfully see from our front deck!!  So for those of you who are planting spring/summer flowers enjoy your day as well.  Tomorrow .... I will be back to creating cards for Class next week. day you might get to see some more of the cards when I get this figured out.  Hugs to ALL and happy Card Making!!    

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